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NOB manufacturer Disposable e cig is a new type of electronic device.It has the same appearance...

Disposable E Cig kit

Disposable E Cig kit

We have high quality disposable e-cigarettes pod kit, And our company's products have been sold...

Refillable Pod E Cig kit

Refillable Pod E Cig kit

NOB manufacturer provide the best quality disposable e-cigarettes accessoires and the OEM...

Pod E Cigarette Battery

Pod E Cigarette Battery

Regarding disposable electronic cigarette batteries, Nob manufacturer Provide you with a...

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Vaping vs Smoking


No Bad Smell

There is no "second-hand smoke" that causes the impact on others and damage to the natural...

Harmless to the Body

No tar ingredients harmful to the body, no carcinogens.

No need to Ignite

No ignition, no harmful compounds produced after ignition.

No Safety Hazards

There is no fire safety hazard, and it can be used in non-smoking and non-fire places.

Stable Performance

No need to recharge or replace cartridges, reducing more failure rates.

Multiple Choices

There are many flavors, there is always one that suits you.



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Shenzhen Nobvape manufacturer as a professional manufacturer of disposable vape, always take...


Nobvape manufacturer Committed to becoming the most trusted and most renowned electronic...


Struggle for human health,Striving for a healthier life for smokers worldwide,to improve tobacco...


Nobvape manufacturer integrity builds trust and responsible interpersonal relationships,Improve...

Elegant Designs, Superior Performance, Customized to Your Brand

Nob carries a range of products to meet all your customers needs. Our OEM disposable vape are made of the highest quality products and are guaranteed to deliver the best performance in the market.

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With the development of the times, more and more new things are pouring around us, and cigarettes are quietly changing. Because traditional cigarettes will not only cause harm to the human body, but also cause pollution to the environment. So...

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What is a disposable vape pen?

With the spread of the Internet, the disposable vape pen has become a hot-selling product, so an electronic cigarette has become a new trend. Compared with the previous large boxes and hard-core devices that require self-filling, the improved...

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